We’re one British guy, one Dutch girl, and one Royal Enfield motorcycle. In September 2013 we set out to ride from Delhi back to our home in Yangon, crossing India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar and following a route that few had ever travelled before, passing through and writing about what we think are some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the planet.

As India and Myanmar are drawn into one another’s orbit, so they are pulling into the limelight some of the most forgotten corners of this part of the world – Bhutan, Nepal and the remote states of North East India. Old links are being re-kindled while new ones are being forged, building a new gateway between South and South East Asia.

We decided we wanted to see and experience this for ourselves, flying to Delhi and then motorcycling home, travelling old trade routes that promise to soon become the new high roads of Asia. You can read about all the adventures we had along the way on our blog.

Andy & Emilie

8 thoughts on “Mingalabar!

  1. Dear Andy and Emilie,

    Wishing you both a great, safe and healthy trip. What a great adventure to take on, and i am already looking forward to all your great stories. Take care and all the best!

  2. Jippie, off you go! The start of absolutely amazing adventure.
    Great idea to start a blog, looking forward to reading all about your encounters & observations.
    Be safe on the road and enjoy!

  3. Hi, it seems we have all lived in Rangoon at some stage but I don’t think we ever met. Anyway, a couple of days ago, friends of a Polish couple I once hosted in Burma have written to me about their plans to motorcycle along the path of a previous Polish couple back in 1934 and whether I could help with advice on immigration etc. It seemed that I could not do much, also because I am stuck in the Yemen, but then I had a surprise dinner with some friends from Baghdad and they recommended this blog. So, inshallah, you will soon have some eager Polish eyes reading through your adventures and perhaps approaching you directly for border-crossing advice etc. I personally am impressed with your plan and hope all will go well. I have signed up to this blog and will follow your adventures closely! All the best from Sana’a!

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